Indian Hill Primary School Building

Indian Hill Primary School has been ranked #2 out of 128 feeder schools in Ohio, and #5 out of 3,000 schools across the state. Most recent state test scores show 96.6% of our students passed the Reading assessment, with 82% in the Advanced (highest) category and another 10% at the Accelerated level.

These results are achieved through a combination of social and academic curriculum that prepares our beginning students for their school career. 

We have adopted the Responsive Classroom (RC) program, a research and evidence-based approach to elementary education that leads to greater teacher effectiveness and higher instruction, higher academic performance, and improved school climate, including better teacher-student interactions. RC has been recognized by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) as one of the most well designed evidence-based social and emotional learning programs.

In all areas, students learn foundational concepts that ensure they will have a strong basis for moving through the various requirements and challenges at each grade level.